DCL – Dance Communication Lab Event
Beyond Front@ Building New Territories, D.ID Dance Identity
choreographer: Robert Clarke (UK)
Oho theatre Oberwart

Five dancers from all five co-organiser countries of Beyond Front@ Bridging New Territories (Slovenia,
Hungary, Austria, United Kingdom, Croatia) and five locally-based dancers got invited for presenting the results of a fourday long process of improvisation practice and developement, taking place in the D.ID studio in Pinkafeld. British choreographer Robert Clark leads this improvisational week. The artistic process will be developed live by the dancers in collaboration with musicians from the band M E M P L E X. The working approach of Robert Clark is based on improvisational tools and structures that enable the experience of dance itself as real-time choreography and empower the dancers to deal with its consequences. 
Show: 15.02.2013

collecting bones – Soloperformance
Werkschau Artist At Resort – Term 7
TANZ*HOTEL | Resort 1020

Once the dancer’s body was considered as a solid construct, which got constantly shaped and corrected, compared to a house,e.g. wood. What happens when this house breaks down and all the developed work and trust into the trained body suddenly disappeares? The unexpected incident occurs. Realizing its own fragility. How to build up this lost confidence in oneself? Starting from beginning again: Pronation, Supination, Flexion, Extension, rotary and bending movements are therapeutic actions as well as inspiration. Aroused emotionally all those thoughts and feelings will be shared, that happened in that time out.
Premier: 30.11.2012
Further Shows: 01./02.12.2012

Cie. Willi Dorner
Tanzquartier Vienna

Installation-performance with bodies in the Viennese urban environment.
Shows: 29./ 30.09.2012

director: Peter Wagner; Initiative Landtheater Burgenland
Theater Offenes Haus Oberwart OHO

The strict life of the very talented Cosima Wagner, wife of Richard Wagner, specified through an inner monologue and different art forms as important components in her life. The music through vocals, inner demons and emotions through dance. Visual aspects (interviews with women) connect to the female way of life from nowadays.
Premier: 31.12.2011
Further Shows: 5./6./7./13./14./16.01.2012

choreographer: Willi Dorner
La Strada Festival Graz

Bodies and architecture enter into unusual relationships.
Premier: 29.07.2011
Further Shows: 30./31.07./01./02.08.2011

WITH(OUT) – Solo sketch work
LAB10 – theatre group Fourth Monkey, Leicester Square Theatre, London
Work in Progress Sharing, studios of Newington Dance Space, London

The space is seen as a memoryfield, where the body is reminiscing certain memories from the past. The pure description of the body, the thinking back and rewind of ‚how it was‘ bring the performer into states, in which the past turns to present once more.
The essence is the transformation of reminiscing and writing down memories on paper. What emotions and desires are coming up when experiencing these one last time?

Premier: 04.11.2010
Furhter Shows: 02.12.2010, 24.06.2011

Dollyolli Ensemble – choreographer: Marie Brenneis
PAD Performance Art Depot Mainz

Dollyolli plays with general known images of the popular culture and ideas/ interpretations about art and society, which they use but also break up and try to mimic. By using simple movements, that appear like daily gestures or desperate nonverbal tries of communication, they create grotesque movements by exageration,repetition and simplicity.
Premier: 02.05.2011
Further Shows: 03./04.05. 2011

SHADEseasons Ensemble – choreographer: Silke Wiegand
Festival Resolution!, Robin Howard Dance Theatre – The Place, London

Ghosts, but only ghosts, also spirits and all their close relatives are part of this piece. An exploration of how they appear and disappear and what they do in-between.
Show: 09.02.2011

Performance Projects: PULSAR/ UNTITLED/ MY SPACE
choreographers: Tory East/ Katharine Markee/ Gary Lambert
studios of The Place/ LABAN theatre, London

Mixture of physical theatre, improvisation, dynamic elements and movement with text.
Premier and Shows: 2010, 2011

Robbie Synge dance company – choreographer: Robbie Synge, composer: Guy Bunce
as part of ‚Physical Sound‘ – Royal Holloway, University of London – Windsor Auditorium

Tamesis (the acient name for the river Thames) is inspired by the route of The Thames from its passing of Dorney Lake, the venue for the rowing and kayak events in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, to the North Sea. The Olympic spirit drives the group on a testing journey with uncertain challenges and unexpected results….. The eventful route of the Thames is reflected in an eventful journey for the performers.
Premiere: 06.06.2010

DOUBLE BIND – Solo version
Coaching: Liz King/ D. ID DanceIdentity
Festival Stage It – Queen Mary Undercroft, Greenwich, London
Tanzspuren 08 – Atelier 66, artist: Günther Gelbmann, Lower Austria

The main focus in this work is discovering and playing with the functionality of a trained dancing body which further leads into the functional movement of the daily life. These functional repeating movements leads the performer to a new step of consciousness, she steps into a new state of being where unexpected fragments of her personality start to emerge.
Premier: 16.10.2008
Further Shows: 21.04.2010

There was something (t)here before
choreographer: Claire Granier
Festival Burgenländische Tanztage 09 – OHO theatre, Oberwart

Instantaneous composition drawn from site specific explorations of the body. Spatial negotiation with existing architectural landscapes and their past history – in this case the supporting wall of a demolished leather factory located in Pinkafeld. The work questions the interrelationship between memory, perception and site, the differentiation between here and there. Open questions
Premier: May 2009

Sweet Hearts
choreographer: Liz King/ D.ID DanceIdentity
OHO theatre Oberwart
Bruckneruniversität Linz, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Highschools

A project about teenagers for teenagers. Getting a glimpse of the daily life as teenager with its problem like puberty, exclusion and growing up. 7 different characters – different personalities.
Premier: November 2008
Further Shows: December 2008

Double Bind – Duett
Coaching: Liz King/ D.ID DanceIdentity
Festival Burgenländische Tanztage- OHO theatre Oberwart

Festival TANZ.START.KLAR! – TTZ Graz
Festival short cuts – Theater des Augenblicks, Wien

….description look for Double Bind solo….
Premier: May 2008
Further Shows: September, November 2008


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